When a leading national provider of sporting goods and equipment was looking to boost traffic to stores and increase customer engagement around new stores they realized they were facing a challenge. It was difficult to build and track the results from the new store opening campaigns that were currently being run. Were these campaigns responsible for bringing people into the stores? Were they successful at creating a lasting relationships and bringing in repeat business?   

The goal was to create an acquisition program that could track both in-store and online activity and create a unified brand experience across all channels. The program would also allow for ROI to be tracked on a program and individual channel basis. This would allow for increased targeting and refining of subsequent campaigns. Basically, the ideal solution would be an omnichannel program that would provide increased visibility into customer preferences and engagement that could provide valuable data for future store grand openings.

Sunny Direct designed and launched a highly personalized and targeted program utilizing both digital and physical media. As an full service provider Sunny Direct was a single source for the planning, creative and production of the program. Direct Mail was used to drive store traffic using targeted promotions which when redeemed at the store level or online enabled easy tracking of ROI. The digital component was focused on driving customers to specialized store landing pages and engaging the customers with personalized offers and messaging. This highlighted the benefits of the rewards program and encouraged customers to share feedback on the new stores and their interests. This digital interaction was linked to in-store activity to create insight into individual customer preferences and interests.

The client was able to create a significant increase in the amount of store traffic and sales during the new store opening period. They were able to develop a database of customers and prospects in the geographical area of the store. Customer preferences were analysed to provide new insight into the specific challenges and opportunities that existed at the store level. There was an increase in rewards program registration and the increased trackability led to reduced timelines for follow-up promotional offers.