A leading national advertising agency was faced with rising costs and elongated timelines due to production and distribution challenges for one of their clients insert programs. They were working overtime to engage customers in the highly competitive fast food industry. Due to commodity price fluctuations they needed to significantly shorten the timeline for their client, to create a larger window for pricing decisions. They were facing pressure to get production approval quickly due to the increase in versioning requested by the client. At the current timelines it was difficult to match the pricing and promotional decisions of their competition.

Sunny Direct implemented our analytics and production models to redesign the manufacturing and logistics of the program. We were able to leverage our national network to create strong regional production centers that reduced shipping and production costs. Our purchasing volumes allowed us to provide paper at a significant cost savings while increasing the consistency of the inserts. Our quality control team worked to monitor production outputs and ensure brand consistency across the entirety of the program. By implementing a new production and logistics plan we were able to shorten production timelines by days creating a larger window for pricing and promotional decisions.

The changes created four additional days for pricing and promotional decisions. The new timelines relieved pressure on the agency and their client. Cost reductions were in excess of a million dollars annually. These cost reductions allowed for expansion of the program and an increase in the amount of versioning. This increased versioning was very helpful in being able to target their customers more effectively. With Sunny Direct’s quality control team in place they were able to focus on the design and strategy of the program knowing they could rely on the inserts arriving on-time according to their specs.