Direct Mail Philosophy and Offerings

Jun 18, 2018 | Blog

Our Philosophy

Direct mail marketing plays an integral role in establishing, retaining and building lasting customer relationships. At Sunny Direct we understand the role that direct mail plays in today’s constantly evolving marketing environment. Innovative, efficient and relevant campaigns are critical to connecting with customers and building relationships. We have the experience and technical infrastructure to help you plan, develop, design and implement inventive campaigns. We blend efficient formats with data and analytics to build successful direct mail campaigns.


Sunny Direct provides a collaborative partnership that explores all aspects of direct mail customer engagement. We design and execute direct mail campaigns, provide back end analysis of response analytics, and work with our clients to continuously improve the quality of their direct mail campaigns.

Sunny Direct utilizes a wide spectrum of print manufacturing platforms that fit your needs and optimizes your direct mail creative and financial budget.

Complete lettershop and mailing services include cut sheet and continuous laser, off line ink jet imaging, read/write inserting, 100% match affixing, stitching, perfect binding, on site postal verification and mailing.

Customized direct mail format design offers a variety of sizes, substrates, inks, and coating combinations that captures your customer’s attention, creates physical engagement, and establishes a lasting impression of your brand.

High quality in-line variable personalization creates speed to market, one to one mail messaging directly targeted to your customers. This creates immediate relevancy to your brand and a meaningful mail experience that increases response rates and the return on investment for the campaign.

We manage list sortation and optimization, we can also cleanse and verify your mailing list to increase accuracy. Our postal strategies achieve maximum USPS discounts using direct entry, co-palletization and co-mingling.

Closed loops software analysis of response rates and current mail files establishes the credibility of your lists and provides additional customer information that can enhance decision making for future direct mail campaigns.