An Agile Approach to Distribution and Fulfillment.

Create a scalable platform for your operational and marketing materials.

Distribution that Works With Your Goals

The key to any good supply chain is getting the products where they need to be on time and cost-effectively. We are centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our warehousing team’s capabilities go far beyond storage. Flexibility is critical to a successful logistics program and we are able to respond quickly to changing demands and market conditions. Every week we distribute millions of printed pieces and business products around the world. We use this volume to create significant cost savings for our clients. Sunny Direct distribution services are built to get your message in front of your audience.


Pick and Pack, Kitting, Same Day Shipping


Worldwide Shipping, Decreased Timelines, Live Customer Service


Online Ordering, Inventory Management, Real-Time Notifications

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Our warehouse and distribution center was designed to fulfill orders of all sizes — no matter how tight the timeline. Through proprietary inventory-control software, we can give you the insights you need to make more informed purchasing decisions.

When fulfilling orders for branch or corporate locations, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our Pick and Pack/Kitting services can create customized packages for your locations, events, or new store openings. These range from small packages containing a few essential items to full-store launch kits consisting of hundreds of components. We also create customized packages for rewards members and VIP customers and various other special events and promotions. We have built our facility to accommodate your individual needs and expectations based on years of experience fulfilling the unique needs of our customers.

Running out of inventory can be extremely costly for your business, so our team is constantly monitoring and communicating with you to ensure that products are in stock and business is running efficiently.


From the initial idea to final production, we pour everything we have into the work we do. But none of it matters if it doesn’t get there on time.

Logistics play a critical role in national print campaigns and rollouts. It can be one of the best ways to reduce costs and increasing ROI. We have built an extensive network of logistics partners who enable us to get products to inserting or store locations quickly and reliably. A great way to increase the effectiveness of campaigns is to decrease the time to market, and our logistics strategies and technology can dramatically shorten production timelines. We coordinate production and distribution to cut valuable days and hours off of the standard timelines. This allows our customers to make better pricing and promotional decision as market factors change.


One of the key components of a successful in-store distribution and fulfillment program is software integration. These tools help to build efficiencies and convenience for the end user. Our ordering platform was designed to make the process easy for team members in the field. In addition, management has access to a reporting platform that provides a real-time dashboard and reports for all ordering and inventory activity. This integration creates a cohesive system that provides valuable tools and ease-of-use for all team members.
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