Who We Are


About Us

Sunny Direct was founded in 2003 by a team of print and advertising industry experts. Our goal was to create an environment of innovation and flexibility for modern Brands. We realized technology could be used to disrupt traditional models and drive significant ROI increases for businesses of all sizes.

In 2007 we expanded, adding a distribution and fulfillment facility in Minneapolis, MN to further integrate all stages of the marketing and business supply chain.

Our belief is that modern Brands need sourcing organizations that are nimble, innovative and able to deliver results at scale.

Our goal is to create an end-to-end solution for brands looking to reduce operational overhead, increase brand consistency, and drive customer engagement.


Invested in Your Success

Understanding your brand and goals is our focus. We are here to help teams meet and exceed their goals, not the other way around.

Full Service or Specialized

We deliver innovative solutions for complex marketing and business supply chains.

Data Driven

Our marketing and business technology is developed to deliver the insight and metrics needed to save money and drive engagement

Quality Assured

Print or digital, our entire team is invested in your brand and ensuring consistent and outstanding quality for all deliverables

On Time, Always

Our clients count on us to deliver business and marketing materials regionally, nationally and around the world

Our Approach

You First.

No matter what your marketing or business goals are, we work with you to deliver tangible results. This has taken many forms over the years from developing national insert programs for leading brands, to building custom software tools that streamline the ordering process for POP materials.

Our core value is built around our ability to create cost effective programs that deliver immediate savings and results.

Your Source for Marketing Supply Chain Needs

As trends and technology evolves so does our approach. Our distinctive and scalable approach to sourcing and production is centered around your goals. We are genuinely interested in getting to know your business and what makes your Brand unique.

Our team has extensive experience developing strategies that are focused on the individual requirements of your business. Our core value is built around our ability to create cost effective programs that deliver immediate savings and results. Through constantly evolving marketing channels and approaches, we combine our extensive experience with emerging technology to build a roadmap for success.


Steve Reinke


Chris Petit

Vice President of Sales

Our Focus

Is empathy relevant in today’s business world? How can a word that is associated with feelings and heartfelt understanding carry real power in today’s world where technology is considered king?

We compete in a world of of glossy buzzwords that have morphed into accepted practices and solutions. That is what we offer and that is what we continue to develop, but what about the unarticulated needs of our customers?

Just asking that question invites us into a world where the focus is on offering solutions that provide very real, tangible value. It is at this point that empathy becomes relevant. Real dialogue can only take place if we can achieve a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and goals. Meaningful dialogue requires the asking of questions and a deep understanding of the marketplace.

Yes, elements of ever developing technology are essential to delivering on the trust that has been placed with you and your brand, but how did you get to this this point? As we move into the future empathy, collaboration and dedication will continue to be guiding principles for our company.

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